Massage Cream:

I blend my own organic massage cream which eliminates all known carcinogens  which can be  found in most manufactured massage creams.

Our skin is Semi permeable   which  means  that what we put on our skin goes directly into our bodies.  Many massage creams Ive found, expose us  to many low grade carcinogens , even with “natural” massage creams.

Stain repellents  and  preservatives  used in most creams on the market today are listed as carcinogen. Why would you put a known cancer causing  chemical on your skin and into your body?

I care about my own health and  my own exposure to such carcinogens and as a result I have been blending my own butters and oils  to produce a 100% pure  organic massage cream.

This means no more  harmful  toxic chemicals on my skin or  on  yours.   Your massage  will not only be relaxing ,renewing  and  healing but your skin and body   will be completely  nourished with an abundance  of organic life affirming


The Ingredients

                          Staying green and Eco-friendly One Massage at a time!