Simply Swedish                 60 min. $100      90 min. $140

This modality is what most massage is based on. Swedish massage is designed to relax the entire body and quiet the mind through slow gentle strokes. Perfect for increasing circulation  to the muscles.  This modality is Great  for people who enjoy  light pressure.

Tech. Neck.                      60 min. $125    90 min. $160

Tech Neck  focuses on realigning and relaxing the tension   in the upper back, shoulders , neck and arms due to poor body mechanics  in our tech age.  Undo poor posture, muscle aches and strain with Tech. Neck.

Reflexology                        30 min. $45      60 min. $80

Reflexology is based on the principle of pressure points in the feet, hands and ears which correspond to specific organs and areas in your body. Stimulating these reflex points properly can help many health problems in a natural and positive way, a type of preventative maintenance. Plus it feels so amazing

Integrated Massage  60min / $125  -  90min./$140         

By using a customized blend of different  massage techniques , this integrated  massage is individually based to address your specific needs and preferences.

Tao Massage for Men     60 min. $125  90min. $160                       

                                                      120min /  $225

Healing Tao Massage is a unique method known to rejuvenate and revitalize a person’s Ching (energy) and Qi (life force). The massage begins by relaxing the muscles and joints and by  focusing on the  breath through  the abdomen and lower back. Unique and specific techniques are used to knead and open blood flow in the joints and muscles of the body. This helps to release stagnant Qi which can then be used to awaken Ching and move it into channels that benefit revitalization.   Tao massage is the only 2 hour session offered.

Hypno-massage     60  min. $125         90min. $160                      

Hypno-massage is a powerful integration of hypnotherapy and massage therapy.  This wonderful blend enables a person to  release stress  in both body and mind.  Heal unwanted feelings and issues as your body is slowly relaxed and your mind is taken through a wonderful visualization of re-connecting  you to yourself.

All sessions are by appointment only

Session times:

Monday       10 am - 8 pm

Wednesday  2pm - 8pm

Thursday     10am - 8pm

Friday          11am  - 4pm   

Saturday      11am - 4 pm

$25 added to all sessions after 8pm

Please, text, e-mail or call to schedule your session time. 

Texting is usually the best way to reach me.



Full fee will be charged for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

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Paul Domaleski, LMT

San Francisco CA 94114


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Bringing  the mind and body into full relaxation for healing