I have worked in the healing arts for over 25 years as a caring, intuitive and highly trained professional. As a Ca. and Ny. Licensed  Massage Therapist and a Certified  Hypnotherapist, I have witnessed the amazing power of touch to restore both body and spirit , hence the creation of Mindfullbody.com.

This powerful connection enables you to feel,  experience  and live more fully from your source. Source is life and life is personalized through  each of us. 

Being present will enable you to surrender and  truly  feel  your  connection to your energy.   Your  journey through  touch and visualization will be transformative. You will leave  physically and spiritually energized.

Sacred Touch

I came to massage therapy after studying theology. I realized that my spiritual path would involve touch as one of my innate  forms of healing.   For over 25 years I have witnessed and experienced the amazing power of touch and visualization to restore and align Body, Mind  and Spirit.

Sacred Arts

I specialize in Somatic Bodywork, Reflexology and several other forms of massage therapy as well as an  Instructional Massage for  Couples Session. Your massage may be in one mode or it may contain modalities from different traditions.

Sacred Space

An integral part of the healing process is the environment where massage therapy takes place. I provide a quiet, clean, warm, energized  comfortable space that is easily accessible in the heart of San Francisco's Castro district.

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Bringing  the mind and body into full relaxation for healing


Paul Domaleski, LMT

San Francisco CA 94114



CAMTC # 432

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