Your experience begins the moment you enter. You will  feel the  subtle vibrations of the crystals as you walk in and  up to the healing  room. As you enter  your massage room, you will be offered fresh water, warm herbal tea and a moment to transition from your day. The massage space is welcoming, clean, warm, and accented with soothing music , running water , and 100% beeswax candle light .

While I wash up, take a few minutes to make yourself at home.  Take as much time as you need to disrobe to whatever state you feel comfortable, then position yourself on the heated  massage table, face down between the sheets and warm blanket. I will knock and enter when you say you are ready.

I will ask you if there are any areas that need special attention. As I lay my hands on your back and neck to  assess your body ,  feel free to let me know about  the pressure. If there are areas that are sore or uncomfortable, let me know too and  we'll work through them together.

Remain as relaxed as possible. If I need to move a body part ,relax and allow me to move it. Breathe deeply and slowly.

If you feel yourself drifting off, that's okay.

This is your massage and you should feel as comfortable as possible. Let me know if you're feeling cold. Music is optional, the face cradle is adjustable - you deserve a safe, fulfilling massage.

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Paul Domaleski, LMT

San Francisco CA 94114


CAMTC # 432

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Bringing  the mind and body into full relaxation for healing