Mindfullbody offers a unique experience to reconnect with one another both physically and emotionally with Intimacy Through Touch, a Couples Instructional Massage session.

Intimacy through touch is a safe, relaxing and intimate way to

deepen and enhance the relationship in your life.  Learning to communication through touch is a powerful yet  gentle nonverbal way to express and share feelings, emotions and energy.  This technique will  guide you to a more effective and deeper

relationship with yourself and each other.

Couples Massage for Men                             Session:  $250

During this  two hour session , you will be greeted with a choice of juice, tea, and water with an assortment of fresh fruits.   You and your partner  will be guided through  varies forms of massage techniques, taking time to explain and  understand each movement  before switching with your partner.  You will  discover how touch enables you to experience a deeper  communication  and how

touch will  awaken your awareness to a soulfully  more intimate relationship.   You will both  leave more  relaxed,  more intuned

with each another and yourself, with a wonderful new experience that you will  keep sharing  for years to come.

Couples Massage for Men (Home Edition)     Session: $300

Very similar to the above package but in the privacy of your own home.

You will both learn a variety of  intimate massage techniques  that can be performed without a table  yet down  on a floor with blankets and pillows.

You will be relaxed and more in tuned with your partner and with yourself while staying  in the comfort of your own home

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Paul Domaleski, LMT

San Francisco CA 94114



CAMTC # 432

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