What and how the mind thinks directly effects the body.  Look at the photo of the lemon above. Notice the drops of lemon juice glistening on the lemon.  Imagine squeezing the lemon and watching drops of juice fly through the air. Now imagine taking that lemon and bringing it up to your nose. You can smell the fresh scent of citrus close to you. Now open your mouth and bite into the lemon.

Did you notice how your mouth started to salivate?    This was all because your mind told your body what to do.  To your mind, squeezing and biting into the lemon was real , so real in fact that the body reacted. This is exactly the same thing we do with hypnotherapy.

There are four brainwave patterns:

  1. Beta is the normal walking around, conscious state;

  2. Alpha is a relaxed, drowsy state;

  3. Theta is the light sleep state;

  4. Delta is the deep sleep or coma state.

Hypnotherapy works specifically with the alpha state, using it as a connection between the conscious mind (beta) and the subconscious mind (theta).  The alpha state allows us access to the unconscious material located in our subconscious mind. Everything that you have experienced or learned in your life is stored in the subconscious. This is also where you can change what you have learned or how you feel and let go of things that no longer serve you. Simply closing the eyes and taking a few deep breaths can take a person into a light alpha state.  Through the alpha state  the subconscious mind becomes increasingly suggestible to positive suggestions, giving you control over responses that you can't control consciously.

This is the point in the process where we use suggestions and visualizations to send a message to our subconscious about the change you have chosen to make.  Often times

we have to let go of old belief systems or core issues that have led to the patterns of behavior that no longer suit you.  First, we let go of any beliefs or core issues that created the unwanted behavior and then we influence our subconscious and  create a new behavior or desire.

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