Your experience begins when you are greeted on time and offered fresh water and a moment to transition from your day.

Wear comfortably fitting clothes and remove eye wear.

For additional comfort a warm blanket my be used to cover you.

We will begin the first session talking about hypnosis and  finding out your expectations and the problems for which you are seeking help.

You will relax in a comfortable reclining chair as I use a soothing tone of voice and some visualizations to induce relaxation. I will take you through a very calming relaxation induction, very similar to a guided daydream. This guided day dream will help you relax and address the expectations we talked about earlier .

Once your body is thoroughly relaxed and your mind is diverted from the external environment, we will make suggestions to your subconscious mind that will support your goals.

You generally bring yourself out of hypnosis at the end of  a session and you can resume your daily activities immediately. You will feel wonderfully relaxed and you may find you sleep deeper that night.

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Mind Full Body

Paul M Domaleski,  CHT

San Francisco CA 94114  415.865.0136

Bringing  the mind and body into full relaxation for healing