For  25 years  I have witnessed  the   healing power  of touch and the  mental  alignment through HypnoTherapy.  Through this   I have come to experience  the   power of  bringing both mind and body together for healing.  Its  through  this connection that Hypno-massage was created.

Hypno-massage is a powerful integration of Hypnotherapy and Massage therapy.    As the massage induces  and maintains  an alpha brain wave, ( a relaxed hypnotic state)  ,  the hypnotherapy  guides your mind inward  to further heal , release and relax your body.

This  connection  of body and mind allows you to  release  both physical and mental stress.  Unwanted feelings and issues are healed  as your body is slowly relaxed and your mind is taken through a wonderful visualization. Its through this  subconscious state that you will experience a greater awareness of both Body and Mind.

Hypno-massage  enables a heightened sense of body awareness and guides your mind inward to heal.  Its through this  awareness  that you  will be able to feel  and maintain  a wonderful clear vibration.

Being  in alignment  with  your  higher vibration allows your body to release,  allowing your own power ,your own  energy  to surface , bringing you back to stasis where healing begins.

“Hypnomassage  creates  a “bubble of awareness”  and  a shift in consciousness”.   Pam S.

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Paul Domaleski, LMT

San Francisco CA 94114


CAMTC # 432

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Bringing  the mind and body into full relaxation for healing